Exploring the Role of Technology in Brunei Darussalam's Public Sector during Strategy Implementation

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Afiqah Amin


The paper explores and isolates factors related to the role of technology during strategy implementation in the public sector. In pursuit of the objective, the actor-network theory (ANT) is used to explore the relationship between the entities in the public sector in using technology to implement strategy, which does not just involve the technical aspect but also the behavioural and organizational aspects. A qualitative exploratory study can better understand the role of technology infrastructure in the public sector by analysing the conceptions of organizational players that require technology to implement the strategy. Technology infrastructure in the public sector was perceived as an instrument for the employees in the public sector to implement the strategy. In terms of organizational context, technology availability could help them implement the strategy by shortening the time for activities under the strategy. For instance, it can streamline government procedures and provide high-quality public services. Concerning the behaviour context, the behaviour of the employees in the implementing agencies needed to be in line with the technology available where technology is viewed as an enabler and facilitator of behaviour that requires a perception of the system. This study contributes to the present body of knowledge by augmenting the current understanding of the role of technology infrastructure during strategy implementation in the public sector through the ANT view. Evidence confirms that the technology infrastructure does not just influence its technological context, but has an influence on the implementing agencies' organizational and behavioural context.

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Amin, A. (2023). Exploring the Role of Technology in Brunei Darussalam’s Public Sector during Strategy Implementation. International Journal of Management, Finance and Accounting, 4(2), 1–18. https://doi.org/10.33093/ijomfa.2023.4.2.1
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