The Role of Digital Design in Preserving the Integrity of the Natural Heritage

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Nur Hatice Zaim
Vimala Perumal
Ah Choo Koo


Natural heritage refers to fundamental elements such as biodiversity and natural resources. With the increasing threat of climate change, the development of infrastructure, and the deterioration of the environment, a growing need exists to protect the integrity of the world’s natural heritage. Digital design, including virtual reality, augmented reality, and interactive displays, are technological advancements adopted by domains such as marketing and education that can offer immersive and engaging experiences that educate and inspire people to care for natural heritage. The study's objective is to explore the potential of digital design in transmitting and safeguarding natural heritage, assessing its contribution to promoting environmental consciousness. The research employs qualitative research methods to interpret digital design's role in natural heritage preservation, using empirical materials such as case studies. The secondary data collected from articles provide a descriptive analysis of digital design's role in natural heritage preservation efforts. The research investigates how digital design can create effective communication channels and promote sustainable behavior amongst the audience exposed to digital design strategies. The communication channels include extended reality platforms such as social media and other interactive forms of visual communication. This study reviews related articles and case studies and consists of a qualitative analysis. Findings begin with the past development of the digital design field, followed by current updates related to digital design and natural heritage preservation. This article contributes to the field of digital design by highlighting the growing relevance and roles of digital design concerning the protection of natural heritage.

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Zaim, N. H., Perumal, V., & Koo, A. C. (2023). The Role of Digital Design in Preserving the Integrity of the Natural Heritage. International Journal of Creative Multimedia, 4(2), 32–41.