Performances Analysis and Comparison of Active and Hybrid Harmonic Filter in Photovoltaic Water Pumping System Manuscript Received: 15 February 2023, Accepted: 28 March 2023, Published: 15 September 2023, ORCiD: 0009-0009-4626-8698,

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SiSi Maw


As an agriculturally based country, many rivers pumping stations are implemented in Myanmar. Currently, these pumping stations are operated with utility supply or diesel engines. For reliable energy supply and energy cost saving, the solar powered river pumping stations are now carried out in Myanmar. Most of these pumping stations are located at the dry zones especially at Magway, Mandalay and Sagaing Divisions. The main problem with solar powered river pumping station is the harmonic induced due to DC/DC boost converter and three phase inverters. Harmonics are the important problem in solar river water pumping system as they can shorten the life span of pumping motors and vibrations. Thus, harmonic filters become the main function of these system.  In this research, the harmonic mitigation for Kanni river pumping system is executed using active and hybrid harmonic filter and their performances are compared.  In this work, solar river water pumping system is designed firstly, and then modelled and simulated using MATLAB/Simulink. Harmonic contents and mitigation performances of each filter are analysed using Fast Fourier Transform (FFT) tool.

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