No. 14. TracWork: An On-Field Employee Tracking System Manuscript Received: 9 June 2023, Accepted: 18 July 2023, Published: 15 September 2023, ORCiD: 0000-0001-5038-8005

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Mobeen Nazar
Choudhary Saif Ali
Hassnain Khan
Aakif Iqbal
Ayesha Anees Zaveri


The internet has transformed the world into a global village, benefiting our society as a whole and empowering people in a variety of ways. Many mobile applications are becoming a part of people's daily lives and assisting them in their jobs or daily routines, thanks in part to the phenomenal growth of Internet usage over the last 21 years. Previous research has found a scarcity of high-quality apps that cover all bases. This project's primary goals are to combine fragmented market systems into a product capable of performing functions such as tracking an employee's on-field movement using GPS; assisting employees in navigating to their next destination; maintaining and improving productivity levels using indicators such as battery status; current and past location; and so on. We highlight previous work and how we learned to extract a model that harmonises current systems while also improving quality of life in this study. We investigated numerous approaches, methods, and procedures before applying them to the development of the system.

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