1. The Editor-in-Chief takes serious view over unethical authoring practices involving plagiarism.
    2. Plagiarism includes self-plagiarism, whereby a substantial part of a submission by the same authors has already been published.
    3. An article which has been published elsewhere shall not be accepted for publication in any circumstances.
    4. The Editor-in-Chief shall decide, based on the usual conventions of the field of research, whether a paper presented at a conference is considered as publication.
    5. The Editor-in-Chief should, as far as feasible, check the submissions for plagiarism, and in any case, before publication of an article.
    6. Where minor borderline issues are detected, such as for the want of a reference, the editors should refer the matter back to the authors for appropriate corrective actions.
    7. However, if serious plagiarism is detected, it is appropriate for the editors to reject the submission.