Empirical Analysis of CI/CD Tools Usage in GitHub Actions Workflows

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Adam Rafif Faqih
Alif Taufiqurrahman
Jati H. Husen
Mira Kania Sabariah


As software systems grow larger and more complex, with rapidly changing requirements, manually managing code integration, testing, and deployment becomes extremely challenging. Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment (CI/CD) practices and tools have emerged to help automate these processes. This research explores the usage of different categories of CI/CD tools within GitHub Actions workflow configurations across GitHub repositories. The five-tool categories analyzed are Version Control Management, Static Code Analysis, Build Automation, Test Automation, and CI/CD Servers. The data used in this research is from a dataset of GitHub Actions workflow configuration files. From the data, the usage is extracted and the concurrent usage of the tools is calculated. Next, the tools are labeled based on their taxonomy. In our finding, the build automation has the biggest number of uses, while the test automation has the least number of uses. Our finding indicates the correlation between the tool category and the programming language used in the software project. Meanwhile, some tools cannot be classified into the existing taxonomy. This can lead to reevaluating the taxonomy structure of CI/CD tools.

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Faqih, A. R., Taufiqurrahman, A., Husen, J. H., & Sabariah, M. K. (2024). Empirical Analysis of CI/CD Tools Usage in GitHub Actions Workflows. Journal of Informatics and Web Engineering, 3(2), 251–261. https://doi.org/10.33093/jiwe.2024.3.2.18
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