Localization Techniques Overview Towards 6G Communication

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Nawaid Hasan
Azlan Abd Aziz
Azwan Mahmud
Nur Asyiqin binte Hamzah
Noor Ziela Abd Rahman


Worldwide Researchers and scientist have started the investigation of the sixth generation (6G) while the fifth generation (5G) cellular system is being deployed. Under this main investigation the main aim of 6G is to provide intelligent and ubiquitous wireless connectivity with Terabits per second (Tbps) data rates.  Accurate location information of the mobile devices is very much useful to accomplish these aims with the improvements of various parameters of wireless communication. The development in communication technology often creates new opportunities to improve the localization efficiency as demonstrated by the expected centimetre-level localization accuracy in 6G. While there are comprehensive literatures separately on wireless localization or communications, the 6G study is still in its inception. This article is therefore intended to provide an overview of localization techniques towards 6G wireless networks. Finally, some interesting future localization technique research directions are highlighted.

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