Learning Experience with LearnwithEmma

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Clara Susaie
Choo-Kim Tan
Pey-Yun Goh


The presence of Covid-19 was a game-changer in all the sectors that traditional learning, working, selling even living methods have changed from basic methods to something else to curb Covid-19. The impact was huge on most sectors due to the lack of experience in overcoming pandemics. One of the sectors that face the most struggle was educational institutions. For many years, face-to-face learning and teaching method have been in practice. While during Covid-19, everyone was forced to attend online classes as a precautious measure. Online learning is completely based on digital study without the physical presence of students or lecturers. Implementing such learning approaches gradually in education allows students to expose to both learning methods. Many subjects such as languages, and theory-based topics have been taught with an online learning approach; however, less attention was paid to mathematics. Therefore, this study aimed to examine students’ experience in learning Discrete Mathematics online through LearnwithEmma.  LearnwithEmma is a learning platform that was designed for students in this study. During a month, students’ learning was assisted by an agent, Emma.  Students were given a questionnaire that involved questions about their experience and their current understanding of the subject. Students opined that their performance significantly improved after learning via LearnwithEmma.  About 77.2% strongly agreed that they excel in Mathematics after fully utilizing LearnwithEmma. Most of them agreed that they were able to perform better in their exam after using LearnwithEmma. 75.4% of the students agreed that they have scored better in their exams after using LearnwithEmma. 61.4% of the participants preferred to learn Discrete Mathematics through an online class compared to a traditional class. This study recommends that educators and researchers may enhance online learning by introducing new platforms such as LearnwithEmma or integrating other multimedia elements.

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