An In-Depth Analysis on Efficiency and Vulnerabilities on a Cloud-Based Searchable Symmetric Encryption Solution

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Prithvi Chaudhari
Ji-Jian Chin
Soeheila Moesfa bt Mohamad


Searchable Symmetric Encryption (SSE) has come to be as an integral cryptographic approach in a world where digital privacy is essential. The capacity to search through encrypted data whilst maintaining its integrity meets the most important demand for security and confidentiality in a society that is increasingly dependent on cloud-based services and data storage. SSE offers efficient processing of queries over encrypted datasets, allowing entities to comply with data privacy rules while preserving database usability. Our research goes into this need, concentrating on the development and thorough testing of an SSE system based on Curtmola’s architecture and employing Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) in Cypher Block Chaining (CBC) mode. A primary goal of the research is to conduct a thorough evaluation of the security and performance of the system. In order to assess search performance, a variety of database settings were extensively tested, and the system's security was tested by simulating intricate threat scenarios such as count attacks and leakage abuse. The efficiency of operation and cryptographic robustness of the SSE system are critically examined by these reviews.

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